What is this?

Soundcheck Bodyworks offers a method to make your body feel better, to relieve stress, and to re-energize yourself, at the venue on your timeline.

Does it hurt?

It is the opposite of hurt!  The combination of yoga and Thai massage will make your body feel safe, comforted, stretched, and invigorated.

I’ve never done yoga/I’m not flexible. Is that ok?

Absolutely.  All bodywork will be done specific to your needs and restrictions, and you will be in constant conversation with the therapist to adjust and improve all poses.

But I’m not a musician!

That’s ok!  While Soundcheck Bodyworks was created to fill a void in the music scene in Austin, we can still make you feel better, even if you can’t clap in time.

I have knee/back/hip issues.

Thai massage is great for relieving back/knee/hip pain.  The massage can be adjusted to accommodate any specific issues, and will generally make things feel better for up to a week.

Will I be sore?

It’s entirely possible you will be sore the next day, if your muscles never get this kind of stretching and attention.  Drinking water after the bodywork will prevent some soreness, but flushing out the toxins released by the massage work, and remaining active the next day will definitely improve the soreness.

Where does this happen?

Soundcheck Bodyworks comes to you, at the venue.  In many venues, the greenroom can be used for the bodywork, as long as there is a 7’x7′ clear space.  Other possible locations can be discussed, including stage-side, off-site, or even on the bus.

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